My art work consists of abstract sculptures modelled in clay or cement, and then cast in bronze, tin and plaster, or sculpted in stone. The shapes are organic with twists and turns, often reaching out and upward.
Most subjects of my sculptures are abstract concepts.
I'm fascinated by complex topologies, sharp outlines and smooth surfaces, and the shadows they cast. To achieve this, I rasp, sand and polish my sculptures until they are very fine and smooth, and not only look appealing, but are also sensual to touch.
I was born in Vienna, went to school in Southern Germany and Woodstock, New York, studied mathematics in Tübingen and Eugene, Oregon.
I live and work in Berlin since 1994.
I'm self-taught, but had professional artists teaching me various techniques. I took part in workshops and courses, whenever I had the chance. Amongst others, at the Freie Kunstschule Berlin and Kunstgut - Acadamy of Fine Arts Berlin.
Independant artist since 2015
Memberships: bbk Berlin and sculpture network.